Upcoming Events for the Upper Chesapeake Community Band


THURSDAY EVENINGS: Rehearsal at 7 - 9 p.m. 

West Nottingham Presbyterian Church, 1195 Firetower Rd, Colora, MD 21917

in the basement of the childcare center

Any changes will be noted below. In the unlikely event of last-minute changes, they will be posted to the Facebook page first, and here if there is access to edit this site

** NOTE: Check Facebook page for last-minute changes **

 Upcoming 2018 Schedule  

Date                   Location                                       Call           Downbeat

6/7/18                 Calvert Manor                            7:00pm      7:30pm



6/9/18                 Jane’s UMC                                2:30pm      3:00pm



6/14/18               American Legion Flag Day       6:00pm      6:30pm



6/21/18               Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



6/28/18               Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



7/1/18                 American Legion                        2:30pm      3:00pm



7/6/18                 Faith Baptist                                7:00pm      8:00pm



                           *July Break*    



8/2/18                 Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



8/9/18                 Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



8/16/18               Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



8/23/18               NO Rehearsal                                     

8/25/18               SPECIAL Rehearsal                   9:00am      11:00am



8/26/18               American Legion                        2:30pm      3:00pm



9/6/18                 Calvert Manor                            7:00pm      7:30pm



9/8/18                 Hart’s Amphitheatre                  2:30pm      3:00pm



9/13/18               Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



9/14/18               (Tentative) Faith Baptist           7:00pm      8:00pm



9/15/18               Jane’s UMC                                2:30pm      3:00pm



9/20/18               Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



9/27/18               Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



9/29/18               Oxford Apple Festival                9:30am      10:00am



10/4/18               Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



10/11/18             Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



10/18/18             Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



10/25/18             Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



11/1/18               Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



11/8/18               Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



11//15/18            Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



11/22/18             No Rehearsal                               



11/25/18             (Tentative) American Legion    2:30pm      3:00pm



11/29/18             Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



12/1/18               (Tentative) NE Parade (float)



12/6/18               Calvert Manor                            7:00pm      7:30pm



12/9/18               (Tentative) American Legion    2:30pm      3:00pm



12/13/18             Rehearsal                                     7:00pm



12/14/18             (Tentative) Faith Baptist           7:00pm      8:00pm



12/15/18             Jane’s UMC                                2:30pm      3:00pm